House Cleaning Service In Elmhurst Since 1977

House Cleaning Service In Elmhurst Since 1977

Locally owned and operated cleaning service in Elmhurst, IL  by native Linda Floyd. Upstairs Downstairs offers Cook County’s most trusted maid service. We’ve happily serviced Elmhurst for over 30 years, making sure that each member of our maid service team is carefully hired, trained, insured, and bonded.

There’s a reason we work hard to keep your place neat. Because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to stare at a mountain of unending chores, pull your hair out trying to come up with a way to get grape juice out of a white carpet, and keep the dog, the kids, and your spouse from tracking dirt all over the floor you just finished mopping.

Relax. You aren’t alone.

A Night on the Town in Elmhurst is More Fun Than House cleaning

We’re detail focused, and our main job is to let you take some much-needed time to breathe. Head over to the hockey rink, walk on campus, or spend a little time having fun at Enchanted Castle with the family. You deserve a rest.

House Cleaning Service In Elmhurst Since 1977

If you are looking for a thoroughly cleaned house in Elmhurst or the surrounding area, dial (630) 415-3003 now. Upstairs Downstairs’ housekeeping staff will happily provide you with a quick and clear estimate over the phone. We tackle every mess – whether it’s a one-time cleanup for a big event or a daily cleaning to keep your home tidy and your sanity in check.

We purchased a gift certificate for my mom as a birthday present and it was probably the best gift we’ve ever given her.  Mom liked the team that cleaned her house so much that she now is a regular client and thanks me every time her house gets cleaned.  Great cleaning company and great customer service! –  Mike J., Elmhurst

Wouldn’t You Rather Go to Sky Zone than Mop the Floor?

From Elmhurst College students to bankers and biscuit bakers, we’ve cleaned the homes of many of Elmhurst’s residents. If you’d rather be out enjoying yourself and spending time with friends and family, leave the mess to us.

You can get a free quote online using our quick form, and we’ll tailor our professional cleaning services to meet your budget and needs. Plan a fun evening out at Sky Zone. Spend time with old friends you haven’t seen in ages. From scrubbing toilets to dusting baseboards, we’ll make sure you come home to a peaceful retreat, not a mess that makes you stress.

Our Maid Service Elmhurst Team Has Your Back

Our Maid Service Elmhurst Team Has Your Back

Upstairs Downstairs has provided meticulous house cleaning in Elmhurst, IL since 1977, and we’d like to invite you to experience our maid service for yourself. Affordable, practical, and cheerful, our professional maid services will keep you happy and your home clean.

Our Process In 3 Easy Steps

Requesting a cleaning service doesn’t ever have to be complicated. That’s why Upstairs Downstairs chooses to keep our system as simple as possible. Our experienced cleaners can help take care of your cleaning needs, no matter how large or small.

Book An Appointment

Simply call us (630) 415-3003 or click here to book an appointment or ask for a free estimate. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss the location, time and date you’d like us to come clean. We promise to do a fantastic job, always!

Enjoy a Piece of Mind

Once the details are confirmed, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands. Our maids will be on time armed with everything they need to clean your home to your expectation.

Enjoy a Clean Home

The cleaning job won’t be complete unless you’re completely satisfied with the service. See our happy customer reviews here to see how we’ve made it our mission to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Home Cleaning Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer recurring house cleaning services?

This is our most commonly chosen service. Customers love our immediacy and reliability. We can handle both one-time cleaning jobs as well as regular scheduled house cleaning services.
For recurring services, we always try our best to schedule the same house cleaner every time because we understand that it’s easier to work with someone with which you are familiar. We place a lot of emphasis on the importance of building good working relationships between our customers and our house cleaners.

Do I need to be home when you clean?

No, you don’t have to be home while we’re cleaning your house. You can provide instructions beforehand and all your wishes will be met.
Our cleaners are trustworthy and reliable so your valuables are in good hands. However, if you wish to be present during the cleaning, that would be no problem.

What is included in a regular house cleaning?

Our regular house cleaning services include the basics, such as vacuuming, mopping floor surfaces, dusting, making beds, changing bed linens, loading a dishwasher, wiping tables and chairs, dusting off surfaces, scrubbing stove, appliances, and cabinets, taking out the trash and much more!

Do I have to provide supplies and equipments?

No, you don’t have to provide supplies and equipment. We bring our own cleaning supplies, however, if you require us to use supplies and equipment of your choice, we’ll happily oblige. If you prefer some of your items to be cleaned a certain way, you can leave notes for your cleaner and we’ll take care of it.

When do you recommend deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning is often necessary when the house will take longer and will also require some specialized equipments, such as a steamer for the carpets, floor polisher, upholstery cleaner, etc. In such a case it may actually be more cost-effective to ask for deep-cleaning services than booking more hours of regular cleaning service.

Highly Recommended

V Pence
V P.
12:58 30 Jan 20
I needed to have a move-out clean of my parents' home. They had been elderly and had only had some light housecleaning in some areas for a number of years. Then the house sat empty for a year. So, the house needed some good deep cleaning. The two ladies who came to do the work were very efficient and hard-working. They did the base 2.5 hours and then we added one more hour to finish the job. They didn't take any breaks, they worked well together, and they did a very thorough job in the 7 rooms and 1.5 baths in the time they had. I was very pleased and would highly recommend Upstairs Downstairs in Elmhurst based on this experience
Judy Osgood
Judy O.
21:00 24 Feb 19
Excellent service. Good about looking for ways to improve. I started with a team of two and currently have just one . . . love Marieta!