Since 1977, honesty and integrity have been woven into the fabric of Upstairs Downstairs Professional Cleaning Service. As a family-owned and operated maid Service Company in Elmhurst, IL, we believe that these values are essential to our longevity and success. Being equipped with the best quality house cleaning products to ticking off every item on our customer’s cleaning checklist while making them smile has been our motto from the very start. We have professional maids to offer and the best cleaning services that will bring back those warm and cozy vibes to your spotless home!

What does a maid service mean?

Hire Maid Service

Before we go any further into the house cleaning services details, let’s find out what maid service really means and what it has to offer? According to the internet, Maid service refers to a person or a group of people that extend their cleaning services for your house the way you want it at a time of your preference. These services commonly include proper cleaning of:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms 
  • Bathrooms

This includes making the beds, changing the sheets if needed, and overall organizing the rooms. If there are any carpets/rugs, then we use the vacuum cleaner to clean the house.

Dusting and wiping tabletops or surfaces e.g., dining table, dressing table, etc. Lastly, mopping the floor with fragrant disinfectants adds a clean finishing touch to your house. However, these cleaning services are generally considered as regular cleaning. If you want an even more holistic and thorough cleaning maid service, ours is highly recommended.

Local Maid Services

We at Upstairs Downstairs in Elmhurst, IL, are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, we equally value and respect our maids, and it shows through their exceptional services. We are proud that so many Illinois families have been with us for several years and hope to continue building lasting relationships.

To give you the best cleaning services, we have maids in Elmhurst, IL and throughout the northwest Chicago Il area. Simply hire our maid service to fulfill recurring or once for house cleaning/apartment cleaning. Whether you live in Palatine, Barrington, Mt Prospect, Elk Grove, or any other northwest suburb, we have the best home cleaning services to help you get a spick and span, clean house in no time!

Are you busy or perhaps living alone? There’s no need to fret over a messy house because Upstairs Downstairs professional maid service is a highly recommended, reliable service to keep you sorted.

Whether you are looking for;

  • apartment cleaning
  • house cleaning
  • oven cleaning
  • window cleaning 
  • spring cleaning
  • housekeeping

Anything; you name it, and our most trusted professional house cleaner will be right over to your place to get the job done!

House cleaning services that we would recommend you get started with:

We offer a wide range of cleaning services in Elmhurst, IL that you can request a quote for to help fulfill your cleaning requirements. Listed below are some of our trusted maid service:

Deep Cleaning

Every once in awhile, your house does need intensive cleaning. Whether it’s after the winters or every two months, after a certain time some things in the house need proper cleaning. Being able to find a maid who can do the job done as per your wishes requires great effort. You could instead opt for our services that provide a much better value in less time. These include a thorough cleaning of your home from the living room to the bathrooms to the kitchen. Everything will be left sparkling clean once our maid has finished her job. Our cleaning staff takes great care to make sure everything is done as per your needs.

One time Cleaning

A small house or apartment may seem easy to clean considering the size but, at the same time, makes a little mess look much more than it is. In today’s fast life, being able to find time to deal with this mess can become difficult. One-time maid service is for those who just need to have their home cleaned only once. We offer the same great services, whether you opt for a one-time cleaning or a recurring one.

Recurring Housecleaning

The weekly / recurring cleaning service is ideal for those who have a hectic schedule and find no time to maintain their home/apartment. No need to worry as we are here to help you with your daily cleaning. Just give us a call, and a professional maid of ours will be there in no time to assist you!

Move Out cleaning \ Move-In cleaning

Moving is not an easy job. There are tons of things to do, and just too little time. However, it is your responsibility to leave your home/apartment clean and tidy. Don’t worry as this is the perfect job for our maids. Our move-in / move out cleaning service will help you clean your new house or leave your old one as clean as when you had moved in. Our dedicated cleaner near you will thoroughly clean every part of the house so that you can focus on the more important stuff.

How much does it cost to have someone clean your house?

cleaning service cost

Allowing a stranger inside your home only to have it cleaned may seem weird and put you on edge at first. But what if we told you that these strangers that you pay to clean your home/apartment are worth the money?

Through our years of work experience, we have come across all kinds of people reaching out to us, and the most common question we’ve heard so far is, “Is this going to be worth it?” And every time our reply has reassured them, our company’s motto is to satisfy our customer’s needs. Be it apartment cleaning or move out cleaning, we have a wide range of expertise to offer in NW Chicago, Illinois.

Factors that affect your house cleaning services cost?


Your location also plays a vital role in the calculation of the total cost. If you live in Arlington Heights, , Schaumburg, Palatine, Elmhurst, IL, or near one of the major cities in the Northwest Chicago, Illinois suburbs, you may be charged more for the home cleaning services. This is because running an office, buying cleaning supplies, and traveling may be costlier in the city as compared to a rural area. Even in some rural areas, a house cleaner may be expensive due to the unavailability of infrastructure in small suburbs. If you live outside our service area, then additional charges may be incurred. These charges are to compensate for the extra distance that the cleaner/ will have to travel to have your home cleaned.

It’s always better to ask for an estimate from our website first before using our pro home cleaning services.

Company Vs Freelance House Cleaning Service:

Another factor that greatly impacts the cleaning cost is whether you employ a company or freelance maid. A freelance maid may get the job done, but they may require gratuity, and the quality of work and cleaning supplies will be better from a company maid service.

Type of cleaning:

The type of cleaning service you opt for has its own charges. A move in cleaning/move out cleaning or deep cleaning will have to be more thorough than a standard cleaning on a day to day basis; hence, the charges will be greater.

Apart from the essential cleaning services that we provide, some of you might request add-ons like cleaning the refrigerator, window sills, kitchen cabinets, taking out the trash, etc. These add-ons are charged separately.

Bedrooms/Bathrooms Count:

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms also has a great impact on your overall bill. This is because these rooms require the most care while being cleaned so use up more time. The bathrooms especially require the most rigorous cleaning, so if the number of bathrooms in your home is higher, you will be charged more.

Size and Condition of your Home:

The size of your home and the number of cleaning intensive rooms, such as the bedrooms and kitchen are also factored into your final charges. How the occupants use the place also has a great impact because if the cleaner has to pick up after them, it will cost you more. The maid will usually charge more if you have small kids or pets because they tend to make a greater mess.

A Well-rounded Housekeeping Service is Our Housekeepers’ Priority

best housekeeping service

Our staff works in complementary teams to ensure your home will be serviced commendably every time you hire our services in Elmhurst. We believe housekeeping is not just taking care of the home/apartment. We will spend most of the time cleaning the place as per your requirements so that you return to a clean, fresh home. Our housekeeping service includes cleaning:

  • Bathrooms 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Locker room
  • Storeroom
  • Windows
  • Ceiling fans
  • Small spaces like drawers, Bookshelves, etc.

We vouch for our team to do their best to put things in their proper place, make the bed, and changing the sheets. This also includes a check for any electrical repairs and get them fixed.

Most importantly, our priority is customer service, which means checking off all the boxes on your cleaning checklist. We can guarantee that all your valuable items and personal things will not be touched or misplaced.

Tasks are allotted equally among our housekeeper team members for proper cleaning, professional work, and consistency in the quality of our house cleaning services that will give you the much-needed rest from your stressful work routine.

Avail Our Flexible & Affordable Home Maid Services Anytime Anywhere!

In this busy day and age, we know flexibility and affordability are no longer mere luxuries but a must to keep your home running smoothly and operating efficiently. Getting your home cleaned couldn’t get any easier with our expert cleaning services led by experienced and responsible senior maids.

Let our teams take a load or two off of your busy schedule by conveniently lending our services when you need them, and at times you desire them to be done. We recognize and understand that each room in a house has different cleaning needs; hence we consider it our duty to train and equip our cleaning team with the required skill set as best as we can.

We aim to give premium service to all our customers and gain their trust. Upstairs Downstairs cleaning company is a platform through which we wish to spread peace and unity; therefore, treating our customers like our family. We will adjust to your schedule and demands and make sure all the items on your cleaning to do list is strikethrough; because that’s what we’re here for!

Since 1977, our company has done a fantastic job in securing the best and top most employees to provide you with the level of comfort and relaxation you deserve on the weekend at home. You hire us, and we’ll only provide you with the best!

Our team will provide you with the Best Deep Cleaning Service Possible

Exceptional maid Service

Our well-trained and pro maid teams approach each home with an eye for detail, leaving no cleaning checklist incomplete. We highly recommend this service for customers who are interested in move-in cleaning or move out cleaning since it targets getting in all those nook and crannies and moving around the furniture for better access to small crevices as well as thoroughly cleaning/polishing/wiping/ decluttering:

  • Refrigerators,
  • Scrubbing ovens
  • Windowsills
  • Light fixtures
  • Cobwebs
  • Door frames
  • Carpets or rugs
  • Knobs, handles, light switches
  • Painting walls/doors
  • Curtains, etc.

With Upstairs Downstairs, we use our own cleaning supplies and you can always expect a thoroughly cleaned home from our house cleaners crew, but we believe it’s the little things that truly give us delight and bring a smile to your faces. Moreover, calling a professional house cleaning service over while moving out can help get started with what you need and what is ready to be discarded, ultimately helping you pack your belongings accordingly. We look forward to you to keep inviting us back into your home, entrusting us to fulfill your cleaning needs again and again.

Is it worth it to hire a cleaning lady?

Are you still contemplating hiring a maid service or a cleaning lady? Are you on a budget that is forcing you to just do everything on your own? Well, we have the perfect argument to put with that and help you resolve this dilemma. First of all, a cleaning lady usually works independently, like gig-based cleaners or independent cleaners who also provide professional maid services. On the other hand, maid cleaning services are mostly a part of a company with whom you can book a slot, pick the number of maids, whether you want service for the entire house or parts of it, and hours you would like them to work. Now let’s weigh the pros and cons of each service.

Pros and cons of a cleaning lady


  • It’s much cheaper and affordable for regular use.
  • They are easy to communicate with
  • No lengthy procedures or steps to go through before hiring them
  • No hefty extra payment for add-ons
  • Our cleaning schedule is flexible to meet yours
  • Hiring a cleaning company, over independent contractor, gives you a piece of mind

Cons: · 

  • Low-quality maid service. They usually work on per hour basis
  • More chances of theft or misplacing valuables.
  • Unreliable.
  • Not good enough for a big house.
  • Harder to reschedule or cancel.

Pros and cons of a maid service



  • Slightly expensive but the standard of the cleaning service is maintained
  • Add-ons cost more
  • Rescheduling can get complicated

Do you live in Elmhurst or near our Service Area/ zip code? Are you unable to find a maid that cleans your home “your way”? Then we’ve got your back just visit our website and contact us on our contact number given there and we’ll send a house cleaning service professionals your way.

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