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We offer a wide range of service offerings, dependable professionals, and affordable pricing. Upstairs Downstairs is a premier Chicago house cleaning company!

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Why Hire Our Professional Cleaning Service?

We Understand There Are Dozens Of House Cleaning Companies Servicing The Chicago Area. With All Those Companies To Choose From Near Chicago, Illinois, Why Choose Our House Cleaning Company? With Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Service, You Can Expect:

Trustworthy Team

Our team of warm, cheerful house cleaning service professionals is well-trained maids, background-checked, bonded, and insured.

Cleaning Legacy

A proven service, Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Service is a family-owned and operated home cleaning team, and is always committed to top-notch home cleaning services since 1977.

Customer Service

Our customers highly recommend Upstairs Downstairs home cleaning services. Our reviews speak for themselves!

House Cleaning Services On Your Schedule

No matter your home cleaning needs, we work with you to schedule a home cleaning professional, to service your home on your timeline.

Variety Of Services

One time move-out house cleaning services, deep cleaning, apartments, or recurring cleaning– we offer it all!

Remarkable Results

Using only the best cleaning products and cleaning supplies, you can be sure to dazzle your family and guests with a sparkling clean house!

Kitchen So Clean, You Can Eat Off The Floors

Whether You’re Cooking Dinner For Friends And Family Or Letting Your Kids “Help” With Saturday Morning Breakfast, We Know Just How Easily A Kitchen Can Get Messy. Let Our House Cleaner Service Help You By:

b3411 Disinfecting Countertops
Disinfecting Countertops

Keep germs at bay and your loved ones healthy (and full)!

b3412 Cleaning Appliances
Cleaning Home Appliances

Grease splatter on your stovetop or a sauce bomb in your microwave? Let us handle it!

b3413 Floor Cleaning
Floor Cleaning

Say goodbye to those stray drops of pancake batter or food crumbs!

b3414 Wiping Cabinets
Wiping Cabinets

Those cabinet doors get greasy, dusty, and dirty too. Let our cleaner wipe them down.

b3415 Recurring Or One Time
Recurring Or One-Time

Schedule us when you need us, whether for recurring house cleaning services, regular cleaning, or a one-time clean.

b3416 Deep Cleaning Service Available
Deep Cleaning Service Available

Sometimes the kitchen just needs a reset. We can help it get back to vibrant with a good cleaning!

Bedroom Cleaning For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Did You Know That Mess And Clutter Can Cause Stress? We Can Help Clear Your Space Of Clutter And Your Head Of Stress Through Our Bedroom Cleaning! Hire A Professional House Cleaner.

b3421 Size Does not Matter
Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you have one bedroom or ten, you can expect the same level of service excellence in each one.

b3422 Declutter Your Space
Declutter Your Space

You’ve heard the saying “there’s a place for everything”. We’ll help you find that place.

b3423 Relaxing Scents
Relaxing Scents

Walking into a bedroom that smells like gym socks is disgusting. Walk into a clean smell instead!

b3424 Freshly Made Bed
Freshly Made Bed

This service is available upon request; just let us know you want it and we will make sure it gets done!

b3425 Wiping Down Surfaces
Wiping Down Surfaces

We dust and wipe down all surfaces to ensure you can breathe easy.

b3426 Trustworthy Team
Trustworthy Team

Our maid service can be trusted with even the most private of spaces, like your bedroom.

Bathrooms So Clean, Your Friends Will Be Jealous!

You Want The Room That Gets You Clean To Be Sparkling Clean, Too! e Can Help You Take This Space From Icky To Dazzling With A Top To Bottom Maid Cleaning Service Including:

b3431 Showers tubs

We scrub and disinfect these spaces, leaving them brilliant again!

b3432 Tile grout
Tile Grout

This is a small thing that goes a big way in making your bathroom sparkle!

b3433 scrubbing sinks
Scrubbing Sinks

Like your tub, we’ll ensure you and your family have a clean place to wash.

b3434 wiping countertops
Wiping Countertops

Kiss those splatters of toothpaste and makeup, and all that dust goodbye.

b3435 Mopping Sweeping Floors
Mopping/Sweeping Floors

Our dependable cleaning ladies will leave every inch of your bathroom looking lovely- floors included!

b3436 Cleaning Mirrors
Cleaning Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleanest of them all? Yours will be!

Keeping Your Living Space Sparkling

The Name Says It All– We Do A Lot Of Our Living In The Living Room! What Better Way To Keep That Space Tidy Than With A House Cleaning Service? Let Upstairs Downstairs Maid Service Handle Your Home Organization!

b3441 Clean Floors
Clean Floors

No matter the type, we take great care to sweep, mop, and/or vacuum.

b3442 Tidy Space
Tidy Space

We’ll put away out of place items, ensuring a clutter-free zone.

b3443 Clean Surfaces
Clean Surfaces

No more fingerprints on the coffee table or dust on the entertainment center!

b3444 Dust Free Appliances
Dust-Free Appliances

Whether it’s your TV or your lamps, we ensure all appliances are dust-free!

b3445 Fresh Scents
Fresh Scents

Does anything really beat the smell of a clean house?

b3446 Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee

Our maids listens closely to your needs and goes above and beyond to fulfill them!

Recurring Housekeeping That Keeps Up With Your Busy Life

As busy professionals, we understand it can be hard to come home to a messy house! Ease that stress with recurring home cleaning on your desired schedule, and ensure that your home always sparkles and cleaner. Hire our home cleaning services today.

Recurring Housekeeping

Need A Deep Cleaning? We’ve Got You Covered!

Sometimes, homes just need a good deep cleaning maid service in order to go from chaos to gleaming. Let us help give your home a reset and make it cleaner; no house cleaning job is too icky for our team!

Deep Cleaning

No Job Too Small: We Offer Apartment Cleaning!

You can count on Upstairs Downstairs Cleaner to clean your home regardless of its square footage. Relax while our trustworthy maid service in Chicago works to make your home sparkle. Especially our apartment cleaning service.

Apartment Cleaning

Just Looking For A One-Time Cleaning?

Having a big event or just want the peace of mind of walking into a clean home? We offer one-time house cleaning service in Chicago that will leave your house glowing, just like the day you moved in. Also see our maid services FAQ.

Moving Cleaning
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What To Expect When Working With Upstairs Downstairs

We Work Hard To Make The Process A Snap For You! Here’s What To Expect:

Contact Us

Provide us with the details of your cleaning needs either by phone or online– whatever is easiest for you!

Receive Custom Quote

We understand that every home and every need is unique and different. We cater our house cleaning quotes to fit your needs.

Schedule Cleaning

Our cleaning ladies will arrive on schedule to begin services including bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms, and more!

Cleaning Begins

Our professional cleaner cleans from top to bottom and can do everything from dusting to scrubbing tile grout.

Work Review

Take a good look at our handiwork. If everything isn’t as you wanted, we offer a free re-clean guarantee!


Once the work review is complete and you are 100% satisfied you pay at the time of the cleaning.

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