Finding The Best Maid Service For House Cleaning in Palatine, IL

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Searching for the best cleaning companies for your home in Palatine, IL? Consider these things to work out whether they are the right service for you. 

Look At Online Reviews 

Online Cleaning Reviews

When purchasing products, always check online reviews before making your decision. It’s no different when looking for a maid brigade in Chicago, IL. The reviews will help you sort the good companies from the bad ones. 

Most cleaning professionals display reviews on their website, but you should check third party sites as well. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent sources of reviews. Read several reviews of cleaning services in Chicago, IL. Sites usually display the best ones first, so look further down. Always check the privacy policy and terms of use as well.

Get A Quote 

Get A price estimate

Price is important when choosing residential and commercial cleaning services in Chicago. So, ask for price estimates from all services you consider. If a company won’t give you a free quote for cleaning your house, you shouldn’t deal with them. Most cleaning services will happily give price estimates upon request.  

When comparing home cleaning services in Palatine, IL, remember that there is a big difference in price between general home cleaning and deep cleaning. So, think about the services you need. Check the privacy policy before requesting a quote too.

Check Their Experience 

Check Their Experience and service

We all clean our homes often, so people assume experience doesn’t matter. But, a professional cleaning service provides deep cleaning. This is different from everyday cleaning. Experienced house cleaners will make your home completely spotless in record time. You will see a huge difference when cleaning professionals do the job. That’s why you must find a maid service with experience. 

Ask About Their Staff 

Cleaning Staff

When you hire maids, you let strangers into your home. Naturally, you might be worried about that. It’s essential to make sure that the house cleaning maids are trustworthy. Before hiring a cleaning company, ask about their hiring process and background checks.

Ideally, find a Palatine house cleaning company that employs locals. This makes it easier for maids to find your house and get to you on time. 

Check Their Schedule 

house Cleaning Schedule

Hiring maids should make things more convenient for you. So, their schedule must line up with yours. Ask how quickly they can get to your home and how flexible they can be. Some people might need a bi-weekly clean while others require weekly cleaning. Decide between a weekly bi house cleaning or even a one time clean. Then, you need to check that the house cleaner can work around you. 

This is very important if you need a specific cleaning service, like move out cleaning, because you need the cleaning service to fit around you, so you don’t have to delay the move.  

You should ask about their area of operations as well. Do you live in far north suburbs, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, or elk grove village? Some cleaning companies won’t provide services in those areas.  Contact us to find out whether our cleaning team will service your neighborhood. In most cases, it won’t be a problem as long as you live in and around Chicago.

What Does A Standard House Cleaning Include?

Standard house cleaning
Cleaner with a book sitting at table with liquid for washing wooden surfaces and his team cleaning the flat

When comparing house cleaning services, you need to know what services to expect. So, how will you benefit from hiring a maid service? 

A standard house cleaning maid service goes above and beyond what you would typically do when cleaning your own home. Standard cleaning duties, like dusting and carpet cleaning, are just the start. A professional cleaning service disinfects all surfaces. This ensures a truly clean home with no hidden bacteria. 

They will also tidy up around the house, take out the trash, and change your bed linens. When you arrive back from work, your house will be spotless. After a professional home cleaning, you can just relax.

Expert cleaners also have an attention to detail that most people don’t, so the small areas that usually get missed, like doorknobs and light switches, are cleaned down. Baseboard cleaning is part of the standard house cleaning routine for cleaners too.

How Much Does House Cleaning In Palatine, IL Cost? 

Having a general idea of the price of house cleaning is useful when trying to find the best maid service. So, how much does house cleaning cost? 

As you would expect, the cost depends on the size of the home and the location and the company you hire. However, you can expect to pay an average of $40 to $80 per hour per cleaner. This means that an average-sized three-bedroom house will cost between $150 and $250 to clean. An apartment will cost somewhere between $80 and $110 to clean. This depends on the size and services required.

Deep cleaning and move out cleaning services are more extensive, so they cost slightly more than a standard house cleaning service. 

Why Is Upstairs Downstairs The Best Cleaning Service In Palatine, IL?

Cleaning service palatine

Looking for the best cleaning services in the area? Contact us today. Some of our services include: 

  • Apartment cleaning
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Move out cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Shower scrubbing
  • Post-construction cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning services. We also meet the requirements for a fantastic cleaning service. We always do a great job with every home cleaning. So, why should you trust Upstairs Downstairs for all of your home cleaning needs? 

Over 40 Years Of Experience 

We have over 40 years of experience in the house cleaning industry. This gives us the knowledge and expertise to clean to the highest standard. We tackle deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, and house move cleaning. 

We Use The Highest Quality Products 

Using the right cleaning products is vital if you want the job done well. We always select the best possible cleaning products for your home. But, if you want an eco-green clean, you can provide eco-friendly products.

The Reviews Speak For Themselves 

If you want a reason to hire Upstairs Downstairs, check the reviews. Everyone that has had cleanings from our maids in the past, whether it was just a short 2 hours once in a while or a bi-weekly full house clean, will tell you that we do a perfect job every time.  Our request a quote responds record is excellent. Our estimates are accurate, so customers are never disappointed.  We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our customers always tell their friends about our home services.

Top Ten Rated House Palatine House Cleaning Services 

Want to find the best cleaning service in the Chicago and Palatine, IL area? We are confident that you won’t find anybody better than us. These are some of the other options that you have in the local area. 

Upstairs Downstairs 

We are the most competitively priced service in the area. Get in touch for a free quote today. Call us on 847-808-0003. We are bonded and insured, and every house cleaner we employ is an expert. So you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our request a quote responds system is very efficient, so you get quick quotes. If you go with us, you can pay with credit cards or gift certificates.

Forte Cleaning 

Forte Cleaning offers general house cleaning around Palatine and the northwest suburbs.  They offer a quality guarantee. If you are unhappy with work during your weekly bi clean, they will fix it.

EcoBubbles Cleaning Service 

If you are looking for an office cleaning service, EcoBubbles are great. They also offer a residential cleaning service.  The owner was a home cleaning professional in IL for years. She worked with many experienced house cleaners. Then, she decided to start her own home cleaning business.

MG Janitorial Services 

MG Janitorial Services are another excellent office cleaning service. They are based in Arlington Heights, serving the locals. They also have locations in the Palatine, IL, and elk grove village areas.

Mars Cleaning Service

Mars Cleaning Service offers home cleaning and office cleaning packages. They also specialize in cleaning move out services as well. They are available to clean for locals in the Palatine, IL area.


McMaid is a maid service that offers residential cleaning and duct and vent cleaning service in the Palatine, IL area. They can provide one time cleaning as well as weekly cleans as well. They also clean carpets and upholstery.

Dan The Carpet Man 

Call Dan if you have a tough stain on your carpet in Palatine, IL. However, he doesn’t offer any other kinds of cleaning.  He uses safe techniques to clean stubborn stains without damaging the carpet.

Big Plus Cleaning Service and Maid Services

Big Plus Cleaning Services offer house cleaning and apartment cleaning. They have a focus on green products and cleaning techniques. Their request a quote responds are quick, and they will give you an instant price. Their bathroom home package is very attractive. They will even vacuum the insides of your cupboards. 

Clean Impressions Corporation 

Clean Impressions Corp is one of the best companies for office cleaning. They are a high-quality commercial cleaning service in Palatine. They use electrostatic technology to improve surface coverage. This removes COVID-19 from the workplace. So, they’re one of the best office cleaning companies to use at the minute. You can use their request a quote responds system to get a price.

Bright House Cleaning Service 

Bright House Cleaning company offers seasonal cleaning in Palatine. They also house move cleaning and deep cleans.

If you are looking for a house cleaning service in the area, these are all good options. But none of them will give you the same amazing service you get from us. Best part? We also offer same day cleaning services. Upstairs downstairs only hires the best cleaners. We are dedicated to providing the best home cleaning service. All cleaners are bonded and insured, and we guarantee quality.

We offer a range of different packages. Whatever kind of cleaning you need, we can meet your needs. That may be a one time clean or a weekly clean. It might be office cleaning or house move cleaning. Regardless of the service, we provide a top service every single time. You will never be disappointed with Upstairs Downstairs. So, contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs. 

Highly Recommended

V Pence
V P.
12:58 30 Jan 20
I needed to have a move-out clean of my parents' home. They had been elderly and had only had some light housecleaning in some areas for a number of years. Then the house sat empty for a year. So, the house needed some good deep cleaning. The two ladies who came to do the work were very efficient and hard-working. They did the base 2.5 hours and then we added one more hour to finish the job. They didn't take any breaks, they worked well together, and they did a very thorough job in the 7 rooms and 1.5 baths in the time they had. I was very pleased and would highly recommend Upstairs Downstairs in Elmhurst based on this experience
Matthew Benitez
Matthew B.
18:58 20 Jun 19
I have used them on and off for the last 6 years. They always work hard to accommodate my needs, even my short notice requests! Their price is very competitive and their work is very good. I will be moving to Elmhurst but am happy to find out they service that area too! Thank you Linda for your help!