Hiring a COVID cleaning services company can ensure your home or business is safe and healthy. One of the best ways to fight COVID-19 is to maintain a clean and healthy property. A professional cleaning plan and proper execution is the best way to combat COVID 19. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning has developed specialized Coronavirus cleaning services. We follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. We can help you maintain a clean and healthy home or business.

covid cleaning services

We’re Here to Help you Prevent COVID-19

Coronavirus is contagious and can live on surfaces for 3-10 days. A new study suggests Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 28 days. Effective cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants can reduce the spread of COVID.

Professional cleaning can reduce the risk of catching the virus. Hiring our pro cleaning team is the best way to combat the virus while being guaranteed a fantastic job. We offer expert COVID cleaning, sanitizing solution, and disinfecting services. Our team is ready to clean your properties in NW Chicago.            

Coronavirus Cleaning Services 

We take COVID-19 seriously and every cleaning project is important to us. Our staff follows strict cleaning checklists during every project. This ensures we keep you and our staff safe. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, our safety procedures and cleaning services include the following.

  •  All staff wears personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, and safety equipment.
  • Clean, wipe and sanitize all surfaces with hospital-grade products. We pay special attention to high-touch points like doorknobs,  light switches, keyboards, and other infected materials.
  •  All our disinfectants, including disinfectant fogging,  meet EPA standards for Coronavirus.
  • Steam clean, disinfect, and vacuum carpets
  •  Floor cleaning and disinfecting
  • Upholstery cleaning

You can count on the team at Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning to deliver the best cleaning in town. From homes to offices, we’re here to help.

Coronavirus Disinfecting Services for your Home or Business

Prevention of COVID-19 is much more than wiping down your high touch surfaces or improving ventilation through air conditioning, at its core it starts with a clean home and healthy environment. Our cleaners have designed cleaning techniques that can reduce the spread of Coronavirus. The frontline cleaning team has the tools, training, and expertise to safely clean your home or business. We will help your family with complete coverage sanitization, infection prevention and keep your home or business COVID-free. Let us help you prevent the spread of Coronavirus today.

Residential COVID Cleaning Service

Following preventive measures is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Let us clean your home. We offer affordable COVID cleaning and disinfecting services for your home.  Our cleaning team offers a cleaning and sanitizing service that will eliminate the threat of COVID-19. From top to bottom, our deep cleaning will keep your home healthy.

Commercial COVID Cleaning Service

Our frontline cleaning team is dedicated to eliminating the threat of COVID-19. From office buildings to hospitals, our staff comes prepared to clean your property.  All cleanings include disinfecting and sanitizing every surface. We follow strict safety checklists during every commercial cleaning service. Your property will be safe and you will be back in business in no time. Book a scheduled cleaning service to keep your employees and customers safe from COVID risks.

COVID Outbreak Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Once someone tests positive for COVID-19, you may be required to close your business. We have an experienced team ready to disinfect your property and help you reopen it as soon as possible. Our post-outbreak cleaning and disinfection services are full-service cleanings. Deep cleaning will reduce the risk of any new cases.

We provide deep cleaning, wipe-downs, and sanitization during all our post-outbreak services. From ceiling to floor, every inch of your property will be cleaned. Your business will be safe to reopen in no time.  No surface will be left untouched. Don’t hesitate after an outbreak. A clean workplace can help stop COVID. We are always ready to provide expert post-outbreak cleaning services.

We Provide the Best COVID Cleaning Services in Town

Ready to take on COVID-19? Don’t wait to contact us. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning provides COVID cleaning services for the NW Chicago area including Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Elmhurst, Palatine, and Wheeling. Our team of frontline workers is dedicated to keeping Chicago COVID-free. Contact us today to book a service or to learn more about our services.