Uses For Windex

21 Unusual (But Effective) Uses for Windex & Few Fun Facts

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Uses For Windex

If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know that people can be passionate about the uses for Windex.

Pop culture – and Greek fathers in the movies – advocate this formula for skin care. Don’t try it. Windex is extremely caustic. It can burn your flesh, and wreak havoc on delicate electronic screens, too. Keep it off your skin and your laptop.

Did you know that when Windex was first introduced in the early 1930s, the solvent concentration was so high that it was labeled as flammable and sold in metal cans? Today’s window cleaning solution is, thankfully, much safer. 

Traditional glass and surface cleaner: 21 unconventional uses for Windex

1. Stain Remover

Windex makes a great stain remover including laundry stains, grease stains and other tough stains, but make sure you use the clear formula. Does the blue formula disinfect? The blue formula can actually leave stains behind, leaving you with double the work! Spray the cleaner on the stain, let it sit and work for 15 minutes, then wash.

2. Insect killer

Use Windex to spray bugs and kill them. Do not try on stinging insects like bees and wasps – this method is not always instant, and if you miss, you could anger them, provoking a sting.

3. Insect repellent

Many household insects dislike the ammonia odor of window cleaner. Keeping a little by open doors or windows in summer can keep the bugs at bay. People also use Pine Sol for this.

4. Jewelry cleaner

Windex is an effective cleaner for many types of jewelry. Just don’t leave the jewelry soaking in Windex for more than a few minutes, and be sure to rinse carefully. Do not use this method on any items that should not be cleaned with alcohol or ammonia. Windex contains both.

5. Degreaser

If you have caked on grease on your range hood, kitchen fan, or even pots and pans, a little Windex can do the trick. The powerful caustic properties of the solution can quickly remove most grease and fat. Make sure to thoroughly remove the solution from all food preparation surfaces before cleaning your oven and other fixtures that are used to prepare food.

6. Countertop cleaner

This powerful solvent is the perfect solution to cleaning granite countertop surfaces, and other types of stones such as marble, and laminate surfaces.

7. Tile cleaner

If you’d like one product that cleans everything in your bathroom, the famous blue bottle of window cleaner might just be it. Windex can also be used to clean tiles and grout, without causing any damage.

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8. Children’s toys

This spray cleaner is good at cleaning up the messes left by teething, drooling, and even vomit on children’ toys. Spray down toys each time your tot gets sick, and then give them a quick wipe down in order to help prevent the infection from coming back and other children from getting infected.

9. Clean patio furniture

Windex, especially the outdoor solution, is a great pick for seasonal and weekly wipe downs of your patio furniture.

10. Children’s playsets

Clean playsets quickly and easily with this spray and a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

11. Whiteboard eraser

Windex won’t damage your whiteboard, but it will help to quickly remove even stubborn dry erase marker stains.

12. Appliances

In the kitchen, put this solution to work for you by cleaning your appliances with Windex. They’ll look as shiny and new as they did on the showroom floor. Works equally well on enamel painted and stainless steel appliances.

13. Floors

If you have marble or granite floors, consider using Windex to clean and shine them. Dilute it in water and use as you would any other floor cleaner. Do NOT do this for wood floors or other surfaces that ammonia cleaners should not be applied to.

14. Car windows

Clean your automobile windows with Windex, but do so carefully. Make sure the windows are neither hot nor cold, and don’t apply the cleaner to tinted windows or windows that are being hit by direct sunlight.

15. Kitty litter boxes

For weekly litter change out, spray down the inside of the empty litter box with Windex to clean it.

16. Door knobs

Many people overlook their door knobs when cleaning, but it can make you sick – door knobs are great hiding spots for germs. Wipe down knobs once a week with Windex to keep them clean and sanitary.


Put a little sparkle in your bathroom and kitchen. Shine faucets and fixtures with Windex.

18. Phones

Spray a microfiber clean cloth with a small amount of this cleaner, and use it to clean your phone’s screen and keys. Don’t go overboard with it, though. If applied liberally, it can cause more harm than good.

19. Crystal

If you have beautiful crystal trinkets that are starting to collect a little dust, you can clean them with Windex without worrying about damages. Test any areas that are decoratively painted, however. Depending on the quality of tint used, Windex may remove it.

20. Toilet bowls

Spray a little Windex into your toilet bowl, let it sit for 5 minutes, and brush scrub as you would with any other toilet bowl cleaner. This solution does a great job at removing even the toughest stains.

21. Bathtubs

Windex can be used to clean bathtubs on a regular basis. Simply spray the solution on, and use a sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe down and scrub the tub, then rinse.

Fun Windex Facts:

  • Several shots and cocktails are named after Windex, and often include blue curacao to create the classic blue color. Just don’t drink the real Windex. Trust us – it doesn’t taste anything like the shot, and the burn it leaves behind is NOT worth it…
  • Windex was invented in 1933, and the formula has been revised several times since. Although several of the formulas were high in a few types of alcohol, none were drinkable.

While Using Windex…A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Windex should not be used on humans or animals, even when diluted. This cleaner does contain high amounts of solvents, including ammonia. Keep it out of the reach of children – especially those who might think it looks like a drink.

Using Windex to clean countertops in the kitchen

While uses for Windex are many, you should use it to clean your laptop or monitors or neither use it as furniture or wood polish or even to polish your fine jewelry. What about Windex on leather seats? While many people use to clean car windshield, we wouldn’t recommend you use it clean car leather seats as that may cause discoloration.

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