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3 Effective Scrubbing Bubbles Uses You Gotta Try

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It cleans, it scours, it shines your bathroom’s showers, tiles, toilet bowls, and sinks, but did you know that scrubbing bubbles uses are endless? Many cleaning products you might have lying around your house can be used for unforeseen tasks. Whether you need a quick touch up, power cleaning strength, versatile usage on many materials or a safe, effective product for multiple areas of the house, you might be surprised about Scrubbing Bubbles®’s hidden talents.


Scrubbing Bubbles uses include cleaning after your dirty pets

If your furry friends share your home with you and your family, chances are Buddy and Chester are contributing some extra cleaning time to your house cleaning service schedule. However, you can use Scrubbing Bubbles® not only to clean up after your family but after your pets as well. Spray Scrubbing Bubbles® on any accidents left behind by your kitty or puppy and then wipe clean with an old rag or towel.

You can also use Scrubbing Bubbles® to eliminate hairball marks or any dirty paw prints on sofas, walls, floors or doors. Scrubbing Bubbles® works like magic as a carpet or vinyl spot cleaning agent for any unsightly or unclean pet trails. There’s no need to stop just at the house. If Fido has gone for a ride in your car, use Scrubbing Bubbles® on upholstery or to clean car floor mats. You’ll be left with a fresher and cleaner car.

In the Kitchen

Scrubbing Bubbles® may be marketed as a bathroom cleaner but it also works well with kitchen cleaning. If you have linoleum floors, use the product to rub grime and dirt out quickly. Scrubbing Bubbles® also goes hard to work on oily build-up on stovetops, ovens and surface areas. Spray on cabinets and let the product sit for a few minutes before you wipe it off. Downsize buying multiple cleaning agents as Scrubbing Bubbles® works well cleaning kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators. As with any strong cleaning products, make sure to wipe down and clean granite countertops and eating areas thoroughly with soapy water and wipe dry to avoid accidentally ingesting any harmful chemicals.

Scrubbing Bubbles® works well on many surfaces including refrigerators, microwaves, countertops and walls.

Around the House

Beyond cleaning soap scum, mildew & mold, germs, limescale and other tough stains in the bathroom, Scrubbing bubbles can be used to clean fingerprints on walls or light switches, dirty wall marks, ceramic tile, dusty mini blinds or stains can be removed with Scrubbing Bubbles® on a variety surfaces, perfect for move-out cleaning. The product’s spray capabilities make it easy to target hard to reach corners and crevices like high chairs, baby seats, garbage container lids and bins and screen doors. Scrubbing Bubbles® can be applied as a disinfecting dust remover on light fixtures, car dashboards or blinds. As an added bonus, the product is a strong air disinfectant so using on walls and in cars to get rid of any odors (especially cigarette smoke) is a cinch.

Instead of buying multiple products specific to particular areas of your house and surfaces, you can save money by purchasing Scrubbing Bubbles® for house cleaning purposes in between maid visits. How do you use your Scrubbing Bubbles®?

Scrubbing Bubbles Uses, Which Will You Try?

The list of not-so-common uses of scrubbing bubbles cleaning goes on and on. If anything other than tidying up here and there is not your thing, be sure to contact us for help with the following:

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