Marieta Ivanova
Marieta I.
Great service 👌 we recommend this company!
V Pence
V P.
I needed to have a move-out clean of my parents' home. They had been elderly and had only had some light housecleaning in some areas for a number of years. Then the house sat empty for a year. So, the house needed some good deep cleaning. The two ladies who came to do the work were very efficient and hard-working. They did the base 2.5 hours and then we added one more hour to finish the job. They didn't take any breaks, they worked well together, and they did a very thorough job in the 7 rooms and 1.5 baths in the time they had. I was very pleased and would highly recommend Upstairs Downstairs in Elmhurst based on this experience
Cathy HS
Cathy H.
Very clean and hard working. We love their flexibility and good work.
Frederic DuBois
Frederic D.
The cleaners are very thorough and do a great job.
Judy Osgood
Judy O.
Excellent service. Good about looking for ways to improve. I started with a team of two and currently have just one . . . love Marieta!
donna Stoutenburg
donna S.
I believe I have been using this service since 2005 and have never looked back. I moved from Arlington Heights to Streamwood 6 years ago and was informed that I was out of the "district". However, the owner managed to find a person willing to come to Streamwood home. Her name is Caroline and she is awesome! She is always smiling and humming while she works and does a fabulous job! I recommend this cleaning service 100%! Thanks for a job well done!
Linda J. Purcell
Linda J. P.
Upstairs Downstairs provides cleaning teams for cleaning. Their personnel work efficiently, do quality work and are a pleasure to have in our home. Upstairs Downstairs management is responsive regarding scheduling changes, and are to be commended on the quality of the work their teams provide. Try them... You'll like them!
Michael D Croak
Michael D C.
We love this cleaning service. The cleaner(s) will do just about anything you would like done. They are always on time, friendly, responsible and thorough. I think their fees are more than reasonable. I have been using Upstairs Downstairs for over 3 years now and will never change to another service!
Michael Brown
Michael B.
I have used some different cleaning services but have been happy with Upstairs Downstairs for the past 4 years. They are very reliable and do a good job. They are also a good value. They are not constantly raising the price. I highly recommend them.
Alison Thornton
Alison T.
Upstairs Downstairs has been our cleaning service for a few years now. They are thorough and reliable and reasonably priced. And I know if I'm ever in need of something extra (maybe an extra quick visit before we have weekend visitors) they can accommodate. I like they have a team of two people come to our home, they get the work done in half the time.
Kristi Ryken
Kristi R.
They do a really nice job cleaning, they are responsive and reliable!
Lynne Hoyer
Lynne H.
I have had Upstairs Downstairs for more than 12 years. They are insured and bonded. Schedules are flexible. I had the same team for many years. Now I have a new person who also does a great job. If they forget something, I remind them and it is done the next time.
Sheryl Larsen
Sheryl L.
High quality and most friendly service I've ever had.
Danuta did an excellent job!
Deborah Eidle
Deborah E.
Upstairsdowns is super!Employees do such an excellent job.I am super satisfied!
Rich Wolf
Rich W.
Great professionals, fairly priced, excellent service!
Barbara Patton
Barbara P.
Outstanding service! The house was sparkling and the cleaning team was thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and fast. Cleaned to perfection. Will definitely refer this service to my family and friends with utmost pride and confidence!
Mary Beth Crum
Mary Beth C.
I have always been happy with Upstairs Downstairs and particularly with Jill. When I have had teams I have not been happy with, all I have to do is contact Jill and she replaces them. They are all hard workers, some harder than most, but they also are dedicated. I appreciate their timeliness, their ability to work as a team efficiently, and to do a great job of cleaning my house. This is one of the best companies I have used to clean my house.
Jane Manson
Jane M.
Jill always reconfirms the date for the visit as they come monthly which is valuable as my schedule/ cleaning needs change.Caroline always asks if there is anything special needed when she comes. Her sunny personality is very appreciated. I trust her to be in my house even when I cannot be home.I have recommended upstairs downstairs to 3 of my neighbors. Hope they decide to contact upstairs downstairs as I know they will be very satisfied
Steven Morley
Steven M.
Professional, thorough and punctual.
Ann Dreyer
Ann D.
I have used Upstairs Downstairs for years. The team is reliable, professional, friendly, and responsible. I would highly recommend Upstairs Downstairs to anyone needed great, reliable hous keeping.
Randy Messina
Randy M.
Business is very flexible and responsive. We've used Joanna for a few years now and have found her to be very personable, trustworthy, and thorough.
Diane Ramsden
Diane R.
Excellent customer service! I know that when I email Jill, she'll answer almost immediately and work with me to figure out a change in our schedule. The ladies who help us with cleaning are fabulous; Didi and Dessi are friendly and hard working. I admire and appreciate their work ethic.
Stanimira Vandeva
Stanimira V.
I was working there for a while 2 years ago and all the girls which work there and i have met are very responsible and always clean the houses very well. Jill is wonderful person and always ready to help to the customers and employees.Very reasonable prices and the company has insurance which i think is important for everyone.