Articles by : Linda Floyd

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores With Simple Motivations

A few centuries ago, families had kids in order to have free labor on hand. I’m not going to advocate exploiting your children, but as difficult as it may be to get your little ones to do their chores, it is possible. By 2 years of age, most kids are not only able to help […]

How to Make Your House Smell Good: Cheap & Easy Ways

No matter how spotless your home may be, it’s not easy to relax when there’s a bad smell lingering in the air. Odor removal is as integral a part of house cleaning as the scrubbing, disinfecting and elbow grease. The great news is that odor removal can be simple and economical with these quick tips.

Common Household Stain Removers

Nothing is more frustrating than clothing stains on your favorite t-shirt or jeans. Luckily, cheap cleaning items that efficiently remove clothing stains can be found conveniently at home, saving you time from heading to a professional cleaning service or any unnecessary surplus financial expenditure. Our easy stain removal tips are fast and safe to use for you and your family.

3 Unusual (But Effective) Scrubbing Bubbles Uses You Gotta Try

In between maid service visits, do a major house cleaning service number on your home with Scrubbing Bubbles® cleaning product. More than just a bathroom cleaner, this versatile cleaning agent can be used for many surfaces, different rooms and diverse purposes and it can also make your house cleaning to-do list more simplified.

Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Summer is nearly here! Upstairs Downstairs house cleaning service shares the best secrets for spring cleaning with you to keep your house prepared for the summer months in between maid service visits.

10 Household Uses for Lemon Juice

In between a maid service from Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Service? Whip out some lemons and put the lemon juice to work in a range of different house cleaning, food prep and lifestyle uses. We’ll show you how!

How To Prevent Mold In Bathroom

Is mold taking over your bathroom? In between Upstairs Downstairs maid service visits, check out the cleaning experts’ top five tips to keep mold out of the bathroom. We offer the best house cleaning service industry suggestions for thwarting unwanted mold simply and effectively. It’s no fuss and easy to do if you have the time but you can also let our housekeeping team members serve you to keep these problems consistently at bay.

How to Keep Your House Clean: 5 Easy Tips

Sometimes it feels like all you’re ever doing is cleaning something when you’re at home. And if you take a day off from cleaning, things can quickly pile up and it may seem like an impossible task to keep your house clean and tidy. These five house cleaning tips will help you keep your house […]