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How to Clean Peloton Bikes & Treadmills the Right Way Safely

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If you added a Peloton to your workout routine, you might be wondering how to clean Peloton bikes, treads, and equipment to keep it all working in tip-top shape and looking just as great as the first day you got it. But before you grab anything to clean that Peloton, make sure you know exactly what to clean it with safely. 

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Why Do I Need to Clean My Peloton?

No matter how clean you might be when you start working out, by the end of your workout, you’re probably going to be pretty sweaty. You’ll want to clean your workout equipment on a regular basis to make sure you’re not spreading germs between users or letting dirt and grime build-up that could be harmful to your equipment. You also need to get bacteria off your exercise equipment so mold and other things don’t grow on the equipment.

If you don’t clean your equipment after each workout, you could also be causing damage to the actual equipment itself that you might not otherwise notice if you’re not wiping it down each day. 

Daily cleaning will help get rid of any smell coming from your equipment as well as get rid of any bacteria that might be hanging out on your Peloton. Sweat can also erode metal so removing it after your workout can prolong the life of your exercise equipment.

Because you sweat while you’re working out and sweat contains salt, it’s important to get it cleaned off your equipment when you’re finished working out. Salt can cause the metal frames to erode over time so a quick daily clean-up and weekly deep cleaning will be helpful to keep the salt from building up. 

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Supplies to Clean a Peloton Bike or Treadmill

You don’t need to go out and purchase any fancy cleaning spray to clean your Peloton equipment. Everything you need to keep your workout equipment clean is probably already at your house. 

When you’re cleaning, there are a few parts of the machine you should focus on cleaning: 

  • Handlebar
  • Seat
  • Touchscreen
  • Accessories 

One thing Peloton recommends not cleaning is the front wheel of your bike. Just wipe anything off that drips or gets onto the wheel and dust gently as needed. 

Cleaning the Monitor and Screen

You’re touching the touch screen of your Peloton several times during each of your workouts. Not only do you want to get your fingerprints off the Peloton screen, you also want to get any sweat or anything else off the screen. 

When you’re choosing a product to use to clean your Peloton screen, you’ll want to look for things that you’d use to clean an LCD or Plasma screen, similar to what you’d have on your television or computer. 

Windex spray or eyeglass cleaner on a microfiber cloth works well for cleaning the screen on your Peloton bike or treadmill. You can also use Windex wipes to keep the screen clean between workouts.

Before cleaning the screen on your Peloton Tread or spin bike, power off the screen by holding down the power button. Once the screen has been cleaned and dry, you can turn it back on when you’re ready to start working out again. 

Cleaning the Equipment

Wiping down the rest of your equipment will keep everything working well. Be sure when you’re wiping down the rest of your stationary bike or machine that you’re not leaving anything too wet. You want the machine to dry quickly after you’ve wiped it down. 

Here are some things you can use to wipe all of your equipment down when you’re finished with your workout: 

  • Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes – keep a container of beach free disposable wipes near your Peloton to make wiping it down easy when you’re finished working out
  • Stainless steel cleaner and microfiber cloth – be sure to only use this on the actual metal parts of your Peloton bike frame or treadmill frame to help keep the metal clean and shiny
  • Baby wipes – these are nice and gentle so they’re great for wiping down your equipment without causing any damage
  • Disinfectant spray and towel – instead of spraying this right onto your Peloton bike frame, simply spray Lysol or another disinfectant spray onto a towel or microfiber cloth and wipe your Peloton down
  • Cleaning products specifically designed for sports and fitness equipment – follow the directions on the product you decide to use

Cleaning Peloton Accessories

You can also wipe down your Peloton shoes and other accessories when you’re finished with your ride. Use a damp wipe to wipe down the outside of your shoes and allow them to dry completely before putting them away. 

For the insides of your shoes, you can also use a deodorizing and disinfectant spray. Follow the directions for the product you choose so you don’t overuse the product. If you don’t want to use a spray, there are also shoe powders available that you could use instead. 

When you’re storing your accessories between workouts, make sure they’re in a place where they can have airflow and are in the light. Storing them in a cool, dark place can let bacteria and mold grow so they can start to smell and deteriorate. Don’t store any of your equipment in direct sunlight, just being out in your room should be fine. 

What Not to Use When Cleaning Your Peloton

Just as important as what to use to clean your Peloton, you need to know what not to use on your Peloton too. Some chemicals are too harsh for your Peloton and can do more harm than good to your equipment. 

Avoid using these abrasive cleaning products: 

  • Soap and water
  • Too much liquid
  • Bleach
  • Paper towels, napkins, or tissues
  • Anything oil-based

You don’t want anything to get too wet so using soap and water can cause a lot of damage to your Peloton. Oil-based products and bleach can also cause damage so you’ll want to avoid using them to clean this exercise equipment. Paper towels, napkins, or tissues can also leave a lot of residue behind when cleaning with them so they could possibly make more of a mess to clean up. 

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How Often Should I Clean My Peloton Bike or Treadmill?

How often you use your equipment will let you know how often you should be cleaning it. And when you clean your Peloton bike, don’t forget to clean the Peloton mat and other Peloton accessories. 

If you notice your handlebars turning white, it could mean that you’re not cleaning the sweat off of them thoroughly enough. Another reason for them changing color could be that they’re drying out because of the cleaner you’re using. 

Try using a different product to clean your handlebars to help remove more sweat after your workouts that are not so drying. 

If your Peloton is in a shared or open area in your home, you’ll want to clean the area frequently to make sure that it’s neat and fits in with the rest of your home. 

Daily Light Cleaning

After you’re done working out, wipe the sweat off with a towel. You don’t need to scrub anything off, just get the sweat and moisture off the machine. Wipe down equipment and monitor with a wipe to remove sweat and fingerprints. 

Focus on the high touch areas of your Pelton equipment like the seat, handlebars, resistance knobs, and heart rate monitor. These areas pick up the most germs and sweat. 

If you keep a towel on your handlebars while working out, you can use that to wipe the sweat off the handlebars and other surfaces when you’re finished with your workout. Just be sure to wash and replace your towel after each use. 

Weekly Deep Clean

Each week, spend some time doing a deep cleaning on your fitness equipment. Even when you’re wiping the most used spots daily, you still need to make time for deep cleanings. 

Start out dusting or vacuuming the hard-to-reach spots. Focus on the hard to reach spots where dust could be building up. After you’ve gotten the dust off your equipment, sweep it up off the floor. 

Next, wipe down all of your equipment using the cleaning methods mentioned above. Make sure you’re using cleaning products that are safe for your Peloton and the accessories. 

Remember not to use harsh chemicals or spray directly on your equipment. Spray the cleaner onto a microfiber towel and wipe everything down to clean it. 

Once you’ve wiped everything down, clean the floor mat and area around your Peloton. Restock any cleaning products that you need to and get your area set up so you’re ready for your next workout. 

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