The 50 Most Delicious Chicago Food Blogs

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We’re lucky in Chicago. Almost any place you look for good food you’ll find it, and our city’s food blogs are no exception. Covering everything from home cooking for specialized diets to high-end restaurant reviews and where to find the city’s best pizzas, the blogs here caught our attention for their quality and style.Top Chicago Food Bloggers

In a food city like Chicago, it’s easy to find people who love to cook and eat. We started with a list of nearly 350 Chicago-based blogs and narrowed down to our top 50 based on the caliber, credibility, and reading experience. Anyone can write about food in Chicago, but not everyone can do it well. The best food bloggers in Chi are on this list.  If you’re looking for something beyond food, we’ve put together a list of 75 things you can do in Chicago (with kids). 

A Grace Full Life

TKarihis blog is a laugh riot, and speaks like our inner stream of consciousness. Although the poetry-like flow takes getting used to, Kari does an amazing job of helping our inner moms feel understood. We love her recipe section for its simplicity, high-flavor, and taste of homemade comfort food. The fact that everything uses only 4 ingredient? That’s icing on the cake. To get a good idea what she’s about, check out her post on how a pierogi pizza and two old high school friends saved her life. It’s a long read, but a fun one.

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A Squared


A little bit of everything culinary can be found on Anne’s blog, along with Chicago adventures and tips that she and her family have taken. A delightfully warm personality, she’s the best friend you’d love to grab a glass of wine and a slice of pizza with, and definitely the one to ask about comfort food. Check out her recipe for Ham & Mushroom Strata, and you’ll see what we mean.

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Adventures in a Tiny KitchenElise

Master Chef fans, this blog’s for you. Elise Mayfield of Master Chef fame is also a Chicago food
blogger. She shares her culinary adventures, mishaps, and even a few (really good) recipes on Adventures in a Tiny Kitchen. Just back from a 6 month hiatus, she’s promising frequent content updates and a lot of fun in the kitchen to come.  

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Alison’s Wonderland Recipes

If you love indulginAlison g your sweet tooth, finding healthy alternatives to delectably guilty snacks, and can’t resist a good book, Alison is your girl. The Wonderland Recipes blog is an award-winning culinary blog with a lot of personality, but it’s also kid-friendly. You won’t find much reference to her Chicago home here, but her Lavender Lemon Eclairs make up for what she lacks in Chi-Town pride.

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A Little Time and a KeyboardMel and Kat

It’s not really a food blog, but the restaurant and activity reviews on this blog make it worth adding to the list. If you’ve got little ones, Mel and Kat’s blog is a survival guide you won’t want to miss. The pair also post recipes and arts & crafts that are easy enough for little ones, but yield great results.

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All Natural Chicago Catering

This Chef Micky and Tesscompany blog is a few things you wouldn’t expect from an ordinary small business blog, and we mean that in a good way. It’s opinionated, direct, and stands up for owner Tess Kearns beliefs about food and modern living. You’ll find everything from menu updates to recipes and commentaries on recent sports games or catering events. Definitely worth your time if you’re interested in natural and organic foods, we loved her post on teaching kids about food.

Anti Foodie

UnapologetiTom Redingcally honest and a plain food fan, the anti-foodie is what everyone who is tired of people photographing their meals instead of enjoying them, and dishing the goods on gourmet grub but skipping the guilty foods we all secretly love. Written by a man whose wife is a big fan of great food, it’s a dash of humor topped with good eats.

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Ashley GildayAshley Gilday

If you eat a plant-based diet, check out this blog. Ashley Gilday isn’t a one woman show – her blog includes entries from influential bloggers around the U.S. A Chicago local, she often includes restaurant and store reviews with a focus on vegan and vegetarian options. The latest addition to her site is a special section for moms. Sam Turner’s review of Seasons 52 on Ashley Gilday is making us hungry…definitely worth the read!

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Back for SecondsStephanie

WARNING: If you’re on a diet, skip this one. It’s too delish, and loaded with guilt-ridden recipes that will make your taste buds dance. Back for Seconds is page after page of dessert and dinnertime decadence you can’t help but love. You will be Back for Seconds, so go on. Throw out your bathroom scale before reading.

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Bake and Destroy

You might Natalie Slater be intimidated by this blog at first – it’s definitely not a haven for meat-eaters. That said, the recipes on Bake and Destroy are gastronomically thrilling, and the illustrations are hilarious. The former professional baker behind the blog is definitely punk, and her personality shines through every post. She’s also the woman who founded the pro-wrestling-themed bake off, SugarSlam.

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The Balanced Babe

Sarah Baker is the driving force behind The Balanced Babe. This blog is a one-stop multimedia hangout The Balanced Babe Sarah Bakerfor anyone interested in living a lifestyle based on good nutrition and holistic health practices. It’s a great place to relax and focus on mindfulness, too. Sarah’s a Chicago local, and it shows. The blog can’t help it’s Chi-town pride, and you’ll find plenty of information on local events and businesses here.

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Blissful Basil

Blissful Basil This North Shore school psychologist serves up more than simple recipes in her blog posts. Nutrition tips and a plant-based, whole-foods lifestyle are her primary focus, but she isn’t pushy about veganism. In fact, she makes it look fun. If you eat a plant-based diet, or are just looking for a few good sides or a Meatless Monday dish, stop here. Ashley’s whipping up something you’ll like.

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Bloody Best

Bloody Mary fans in the Windy City, unite! This blog brings together the city’s best Bloodies and rates them, along Bloody Bestwith the food at the places that serve them. Although infrequently updated, every post is worth your time. Looking for something special? Check out the review of the Harissa Bloody Mary at Avec – sounds like something we’d love for brunch!

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Bunny and Brandy’s Brunch Time Blog

Every meBunny and Brandy’s Brunch Time Blogal that Bunny and Brandy eat is compared to a single molecular gastronomy experience they had in Chicago. And that meal still ranks #1. The blog is a great place to find reviews of local restaurants, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy a creative, captivating perspective on the Chicago food scene.

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But I’m Hungry

Christina’s blog is a fun read, full of light-hearted recipes and tons of taste. She’s a mom with a
passion for eating But I’m Hungry - Christina
healthy, but knows how to indulge in good food, too. We could eat everything she makes with glee – but there are 49 other blogs on this list to cover. And although she’s a Chicagoan, you won’t hear her talk about the Windy City.

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A Cedar Spoon

Stunning photography, flavorful recipes, and Superfood Saturday keep us reading Julia’s blog regularly. Don’t forget toA Cedar Spoon swing by her coupons section before you head out shopping, too – she’s got plenty of clip-able coupons for cleaning products, household goods, and pantry staples from top brands.

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Chef Druck: French Foodie Mom

Book and local restaurant reviews, great recipes, and the occasional chance to win a free trip make this one of our favorChef DruckFrench Foodie Momite blogs. Add a professional French chef who is also a mom to the mix, and you’ve got Heaven on a page. We love Vanessa’s sense of humor, culinary expertise, and down-to-earth attitude.

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Chi Organic Girls

This blog isn’t just about food. You’ll find plenty of restaurant and packaged food reviews, Chi Organic Girls - Monica and Katebut you’re also in for a fitness treat. Regular peeks into area workouts, gyms, and health food joints are dished out on this blog on a regular basis. Looking for something fun to do that won’t add pounds to your waistline? The girls behind the blog keep a list of area events on the site, too.

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The Chic

Beautifully wThe Chicritten and photographed, this multi-author blog is the place to turn for fashion-forward information and a side of good eats. The Chic is written for men and women, does a great job diving into local restaurants and eateries, and tackles everything from restaurant reviews to what you should wear for cocktail hour this summer.

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Chicago Alphabet Soup

This blog is tChicago Alphabet Souphe brainchild of mathematician and photographer Gino Williams. His passion for ethnic food is unrivaled in Chicago’s blogosphere, and he covers such a wide range of cuisines that you’ll be hard pressed to find an ethnic eatery in North Shore or Oak Ridge he hasn’t written about.

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Chicago Eater

More than a blog, this is a full-blown online publication dedicated to one thing: Chicago’s best food. Looking foChicago Eaterr inspiration? Recipes? Reviews? Start here. We’ve yet to find anything to complain about on Chicago Eater, and probably never will. It’s like HuffPost, but just for local food. The forums are a great place to check in with other foodies, and if you’re planning a trip check out what other cities you’ll find Eater in.

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Chicago Food Girl

Chicago Food Girl

Although she places a strong emphasis on great food, Mina loves Chicago. She provides great tips on nearby day trips, haircare, urban gardening, and a mix of other topics, as well as spot-on reviews of Chicago eateries. You’ll find a few giveaways on her site, too.

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Chicago Foodie GirlChicago Foodie Girl

Starr Nordgren’s blog is a great place to find reviews of some of Chicago’s best restaurants. She takes great photos of the meals she orders and has a delightful writing voice, making this blog fun eye candy, too. The format is a little wonky in places, though. Be ready to scroll.

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Chicago Food Whores

Chicago FoodChicago Food Whores Whores is a popular local blog that centers on reviews of local eateries, as well as the occasional tip or recipe. It’s a fun blog, written by a team of writers who have one major interest in common: good eats. Geography and life are expanding the Chicago Food Whores network, and you’ll soon be able to find Austin and Shanghai versions of the blog.

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Chicago Loves Panini

Flavorful recipes and frequent recipes are what you’ll find when you read Chicago Loves Panini. A self-proclaimed panini lover, Michaela also holds a PhD in International Politics. The Chicago Loves PaniniUS is her third country, and her varied background (she’s from Romania originally) comes out in the kitchen. And because she knows what it’s like to work full time, you don’t have to worry about whipping up souffles in your jammies at 4AM to keep up. This blog is about good food and a real life here in Chi.

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Chicago Pinot 2.0

PublishChicago Pinot 2.0ed infrequently, but written professionally from the perspective of a sommelier in training, this blog brings the taste of good pinot to the Second City. It’s a true oenophile’s site, but history and wine buffs who are more casual fans of the beverage will also enjoy the winemaker interviews, wine reviews, and interesting tidbits Douglas serves on his blog.

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Chill Cooks

Chill CooksIf you’re tired of gourmet fare, couldn’t care less about whether or not that yogurt you just downed was low fat, and wouldn’t mind fitting into your yoga pants – as long as you can still eat that brownie, check out Chill Cooks. Matilda doesn’t ignore the appeal of health food, but she doesn’t cower to it, either. In a fun and quirky way, her monthly posts help you laugh, relax, and enjoy your dinner a little more. She’s a proud Windy City resident, but that doesn’t keep her from challenging popular opinion about Little Goat Diner.

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The Chopping Block

Ever thought of taking a cooking class in the Chicago metro area? Chances are high that you’ve come across The ChThe Chopping Blockopping Block. The first Chopping Block store, culinary school, and foodie hardware heaven opened 18 years ago and still serves the local community, but their blog takes things one step farther with a wide array of recipes, and posts on all things yum.

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Cooking Onions

Cooking Onions

This blog by a Chicago mom with an adventurous, kitchen-loving toddler is written in good humor and adds a touch of reality that most other food blogs miss. She’s not afraid to post fails or laugh at herself, which makes you feel that much better when faced with a culinary disaster of your own. The only review she’s posted so far was of the Chicago Gourmet 2014, but that’s a great start. If only she’d add a few tips on kid-friendly restaurants…

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Defining Tabitha

This is one fun blog, covering everything from homemade coconut mango rice puddinDefining Tabithag to heading to Lollapalooza as a new mom. Tabitha writes in a friendly, honest way that’s refreshing in the
blogosphere. She’ll make you laugh, cry, and wonder why you weren’t already reading Defining Tabitha.

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Dining at My Desk

Katie Carrico, the woman behind Dining at My Desk, lives a life most of us can identify with. Trapped behind hDining at My Desker desk for mealtimes, she grew tired of the usual grub and decided to talk about it. You’ll find great reviews of real office food and Chicago dining options, as well as charming wit and a dash of weight loss chatter.

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Eat Chic Chicago

Amari Thomsen MS, RD, LDN is behind Eat Chic Chicago. Her bubbly personality and straigEat Chic Chicagoht talk about dietary choices make this blog a great place to stop for quick advice. Recipes on the blog accommodate a wide range of specialized diets, but look delish to those of us that don’t avoid grains or skip meats, too. Look for tips on area food events and dining options on her blog to stay healthy while pleasing your palate.

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Eat the Burbs

Originally a onEat the Burbse-woman show, Eat the ‘Burbs is now one of Chicago’s most popular local food blogs, and includes commentaries on everything from local restaurants to theater productions and new tech. Rachell has a way with content, and always seems to include exactly what her readers are looking for. We’re huge fans of her Foodie Grams – great tips for where to eat, when,  and how, and mouthwatering photos to go with.

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Deep dish pizza is synonymous with Chicago, and Encyclopizzeria is a shrine to this familyEncyclopizzeria-friendly food icon. It’s not all about deep dish here, though – the blog covers all types of pie from around the metro area, and a few road trip treats, too. Craving a slice? Find the right pizza for any occasion, a little fun history, and more fascinating info than you ever imagined about pizza on this one-of-a-kind blog.

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Gapers Block’s Drive-Thru

Gapers Block’s Drive-ThruReviews, recipes, and crowd-sourced, tantalizing photos are what Gaper’s Block Drive-Thru is about. This multi-author blog is a part of the web-based Chicagoland publication, Gaper’s Block. If you aren’t reading it yet, you’re missing out on one of the best local foodie resources on the web.

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Everything EricaEverything Erica

Erica’s blog is a beautifully photographed adventure through the kitchen of a cilantro-hating Chicagoan with a passion for healthy, easy recipes that hit the right comfort food notes. When she dines out around Chicago, her readers come along for the ride, too. Aching to improve your cooking skills? Erica also offers classes.

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Felt Like a Foodie

Do you love Felt Like a Foodieto laugh while you cook? Head over to Barbara Felt Miller’s fun blog. Mostly a diary of her own culinary adventures, the recipes are delicious, but that’s not the best part. Barb’s sense of humor is addictive. You’ll be laughing like crazy and learning with ease. She’s also got a rockin’ list of places for moms to check out in the Chicago area in the events section on her site.

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The Ghost Guest

This blog is for the foodie in you who loves to dine oThe Ghost Guestut. The Ghost Guest checks out area restaurants as well as a few vacation spots, and offers amazing food photography. WARNING: If you aren’t a chef or a foodie, you might need a culinary dictionary to read this blog. Get one. It’s worth it.   

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The Kittchen

One of Chicago’s most famous food bloggers, Kit from the Kittchen dishes out yummy desserts and fun meals withe Kittchenh a side of Chicago pride. She shares her experiences at local events, reviews, and travel stories, as well as a quite a few good recipes with photography that is understandably great, thanks to her art history background.

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Lake Shore Lady

Lake Shore LadyLauren Nolan delivers a fashionista’s take on fine food and cooking, fun meals, and advice on what to wear and what to eat. It’s a fun blog with a fresh perspective, and proudly rooted in Chicagoland.

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Make it Like a Man!Make it Like a Man!

Jeff the Chef has a way with finding recipes that make us really hungry, and even though the blog is geared towards guys, we love it. Local restaurant reviews, great twists on classic dishes, and
categories devoted exclusively to baking and entertaining make this blog one of our top picks.

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The Rebeccamendations

Five yearsmall_logo_200_pxls_400x400s on the web has made Rebeccamendations a strong presence on the Chicago food scene. The recipes, restaurant reviews, and fun place to stop. Rebecca lives in Chciago but has a lot to say about Austin, too. Both cities feature prominently on the blog. You’ll also find a few giveaways from time to time.

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The Roaming GastrognomeThe Roaming Gastrognome

Written by a realtor with a great palate and hidden culinary talents, The Roaming Gastronome is a Chicago-based blog about all that is wonderful in the kitchen. A few local adventures, tales of trips abroad, and this man’s apparent love for his wife and his kitchen make this a blog we love.

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Sage & Serendipity

Logan’s adventures in Chicago and on trips are documented in this travel and food blog. She’s got a knack forSage & Serendipity saying things simply that’s contagious, and her blog has an entire section dedicated to Chi-town. That’s something we can all love.

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Sassy EatsSassy Eats

Written by a 20-something Chicagoland resident, this blog is in search of the foodgasm. From cocktails to chicken and quinoa stuffed bell peppers, there’s a lot of temptation lurking here. Fresh, bright, and fun, we love what this girl’s cooking up in her kitchen.

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Steve Dolinsky: Always Hungry, Seldom Speechless

A multimedia blog with plenty to say, this site is the brainchild of Steve Dolinsky, a recognized name on the Chi food scene. In addition to his “The Feed Podcast” with Chef Rick Bayless, Steve is an extremely active memSteve Dolinskyber of the food media. What you’ll find on this site is nothing short of everything you need to know about what’s cooking in Chicago. Heading on a trip soon? His city guides are an epicurean’s dream.

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West of the Loop

A foodie’s cWest of the Loopulinary delight with no dictionary required, this Cook County blog is filled with recipes that use the best regional produce, a few foreign ingredients, and a dash of creativity in the kitchen. The blog’s founder, Emily, is also the woman behind the quickly-growing Chicago Food Swap.

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What’s Cookin, Chicago?

Joelen is a former chef, and it shows. This avid food blogger is also a culinary instructor and hosts ethnic culinary tours in and around Chicago. The blog features everything from events held for friends and family to product reviews, recipe development tips, and What’s Cookin, Chicagosome of her
experiences designing classes and recipes for individuals and companies.

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Whipped the Blog

Active since 2007, Whipped is a culinary Mecca of sorts. You’ll find everything you need to kWhipped the Blognow about the Chicago food scene, as well as quite a few easy to prepare and delicious recipes. Just don’t look for blue cheese – Caroline hates it. For a side bonus, check out the kids and DIY areas on this blog. They’re a great resource for any busy mom.

Take a culinary trip in postcards, dive into Cook County’s fresh produce, or check out local restaurants with the bloggers on this list. There are so many recipes to try, and tons of restaurants reviewed. Chicago’s blog scene is as varied as the Second City’s food scene. Go ahead and feed your appetite – for reading material and a good meal.

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Now those are some fantastic food blogs! Be sure to check them out and let us know your favorite Chicago food blogs in the comments below!

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