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Your Homes Complete Cleaning Supplies List

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We all want to come home to a nice, clean home. If you’re unsure how to get everything clean or what you need, you’ve come to the right place!

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Our professional cleaners share their cleaning tips, and now we’ve put together a basic house cleaning supply list that is perfect for residential and commercial cleaning.

This cleaning supplies list is everything you need for a beautiful, sparkling home!

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it’s no surprise it can be one of the dirtiest rooms in your house. Read below for the perfect kitchen supply checklist.

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Your microwave is one of the easiest things to clean because you can simply use water in a microwave-safe bowl to steam off stuck-on food inside your microwave. Then simply wipe out your microwave with a paper towel or microfiber towel.

Stovetop and Oven

Wipe down your stovetop with paper towels, a sponge, or a rag to pick up any spilled food. Use an all-purpose cleaner or a mild dish soap to remove any stuck stains.

Clean your oven as food spills inside your oven, and deep clean with an oven cleaner as needed.


Keep dish soap on hand to wash dishes that can’t go into the dishwasher. You’ll also want to keep dishwasher detergent in the cupboard to run your dishwasher.

Baking soda and white vinegar are great things to keep on hand to clean your dishwasher.

Sink and Garbage Disposal

Your sink gets filled with dirty dishes, and even when you hand wash your dishes, your sink still needs to be cleaned out. Use an antibacterial cleaner to clean the bowl of your sink and wipe down the faucet and handles.

We recommend wearing rubber gloves while cleaning your sink, so your hands stay nice and dry!


The type of countertop you have in your kitchen area will determine what kind of cleaner you need to keep on hand. Most countertops can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and wiped with a sponge, microfiber cloths, or paper towels.


The inside of your refrigerator needs to be cleaned. For quick spills, use paper towels or single-use wipes. For a deeper clean, remove the food and use an all-purpose cleaner or warm soapy water.


Cooking, spills, and regular usage can leave your cupboards a little dirty looking. You may need to use a degreaser to remove a build-up on your cupboard doors. Warm water and dish soap also work great to keep your cupboard doors clean.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Bathrooms can get dirty so quickly. Dirty towels and laundry can pile up, toothpaste gets all over the mirror, and toilets don’t scrub themselves. Below is a supply checklist to keep your bathroom sparkling clean!


You’ll just need a good toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner to keep the inside of your toilet bowl clean. Between cleanings, you can drop a toilet bowl cleaner into the tank to help extend the time between each of your cleanings too.

For the outside of your toilet, use a sponge, disinfectant wipe, or microfiber rag with an antibacterial cleaner to remove things from the outside of your toilet.

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Tub and Shower

Find a good tile and grout cleaner if you’ve got tile in your bathroom. A bleach-based cleaner works well in the bathroom to keep your tub and shower clean and germ-free.

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Vanity and Sink

Use a Lysol or Clorox wipe or an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the bathroom counters.

Clean your bathroom sink with a sponge or microfiber towel. Single-use wipes also work well for cleaning up your vanity area.

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Indoor Cleaning Supplies

Living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and other common spaces can benefit from these essential cleaning supplies:


To remove the dust that shows up on a daily basis, keep a microfiber towel and dusting spray in your cleaning kit. To reach higher spots, an extendable duster wand can help grab those hard-to-reach dust bunnies.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

Getting dirt off your floors is one of the easiest ways to make your house look cleaner almost instantly.

To sweep and remove the dirt, use a broom and dustpan or a vacuum cleaner that’s designed for hardwood or tiled floors. A dry dust mop can also help to remove dirt and pet hair from your floors.

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Vacuuming will help to get the dirt and pet hair off your rugs and carpets.


Daily mopping with a damp or disposable mop can help keep your floors looking clean. When you do a deep clean, use a sponge, string, or microfiber mop, a bucket, and a cleaning solution to get any stuck dirt or grime on your floors cleaned up.

Choose the best type and style of mop that meets your cleaning needs:

  • Disposable Mop Pads: if you use a Swiffer-type mop, you want to make sure that you’ve got plenty of mop pads and cleaning solutions on hand.
  • Traditional Mopping: for deep cleaning, a sponge, string, or microfiber mop, you’ll want to have a bucket and cleaning solution that’s best for the type of floors you have in your home.

A squeegee is a great tool to use for any leftover water.

Glass Surfaces

To let in the most light possible, clean your windows with glass cleaner. Use a microfiber towel, paper towels, or newspaper to wipe the cleaner off.

Other Hard Surfaces

For window sills, stair railings, and other hard surfaces in your home, you can keep them clean with disinfecting wipes or an all-purpose cleaner and a rag.

Outdoor Cleaning Supplies

You spend so much time cleaning the inside of your home, but don’t forget about the outside of your home too!


Keeping the outside of your windows clean can be a chore. Ground level windows can be cleaned like you would clean your windows inside with glass cleaner and paper towels, a rag, or newspaper.

For windows that are higher up that you might not be able to easily reach, you can use a bucket with water and cleaner or a glass cleaner that attaches to your hose to spray directly on your windows.

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Porches and Patios

The best practice for keeping your porch and patio furniture looking fresh is with a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush. We’ve also got some tips to help your concrete look its best too.

A Few More Tips

Don’t forget to clean your cleaning supplies! When you’re not cleaning and replacing your sponges and dirty rags, you’re spreading those germs to other surfaces.

Make sure you’re cleaning things in the most efficient way possible. Do you know the best way to mop your floor or clean your blinds?

Know what you’re cleaning and what’s safe to use to clean it. If you’re making your own cleaners to use or buying a cleaning product from the store, be sure you’re using products that are safe for your surfaces.

You probably noticed a lot of duplicate cleaners and tools. You don’t need a lot of different things to keep your home clean. Invest in a caddy or container to store your cleaning supplies so that you can move them around the house with you.

To keep yourself from running out of anything, keep a list of cleaning supplies on your phone or even your favorite shopping app so you can quickly reorder things as you start to run low.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to buy a bunch of chemicals if you don’t want to. We share green cleaning tips and supplies as well. You can use things like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils to help clean and keep your house smelling fresh.

Don’t Want to Buy a Bunch of Cleaning Supplies?

Whether you need a new home cleaning supplies checklist or need commercial cleaning tips, this article is just for you!

We hope this supplies list was helpful, but sometimes putting together the perfect cleaning shopping list and going through the cleaning process can be expensive and lengthy. That’s where we come in!

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We can help with regular housekeeping services as well as deep cleaning. Contact us for a free quote for the cleaning services you’d like to start using for your home.

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