8 Lysol Wipes Uses & One Surprising Fact You Never Knew

Lysol wipes uses has changed with the times – I mean really changed. Once upon a time, Lysol was a vaginal-cleansing douche. The company also marketed its cleaning solution as birth control between 1930 and 1960. Considering that the label lists the solution as a skin irritant, it sounds like a painful idea. Don’t try […]

Pine Sol Home Pregnancy Test: Supplies and Instructions

Because every woman on the two-week wait wants to know…. A few months ago, I wrote a post on here that you just LOVED….about Pine Sol. Go figure….I mean, I never imagined a cleaning product would gain such a passionate following. And then I realized why… It wasn’t the Pine Sol. It was the Pine […]

21 Unusual (But Effective) Uses for Windex & Few Fun Facts

If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know that people can be passionate about the uses for Windex. Pop culture – and Greek fathers in the movies – advocate this formula for skin care. Don’t try it. Windex is extremely caustic. It can burn your flesh, and wreak havoc on delicate electronic […]

What Stinks…in the Office?

Your office is a sacred space. A nook hidden from the chaos of home, where you can close the door and say “I’m working, give me a half-hour” and retreat to solitude and work. Unless it smells. The office can turn into a nightmare when unidentified odors float through the air. And even the tidiest […]

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores With Simple Motivations

A few centuries ago, families had kids in order to have free labor on hand. I’m not going to advocate exploiting your children, but as difficult as it may be to get your little ones to do their chores, it is possible. By 2 years of age, most kids are not only able to help […]

Pine Sol Uses: What Can You Use Pine Sol For?

It’s fresh, piney, and a low-cost solution to soooo many cleaning woes. What is in it, though? And what else is it good for? Read on for more info – from Pine Sol as pregnancy test to wasp killer, the uses for this product will astound you. Of course, they don’t all necessarily work, but […]

How to Make Your House Smell Good: Cheap & Easy Ways

No matter how spotless your home may be, it’s not easy to relax when there’s a bad smell lingering in the air. Odor removal is as integral a part of house cleaning as the scrubbing, disinfecting and elbow grease. The great news is that odor removal can be simple and economical with these quick tips.

Common Household Stain Removers

Nothing is more frustrating than clothing stains on your favorite t-shirt or jeans. Luckily, cheap cleaning items that efficiently remove clothing stains can be found conveniently at home, saving you time from heading to a professional cleaning service or any unnecessary surplus financial expenditure. Our easy stain removal tips are fast and safe to use for you and your family.