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Best Spring Cleaning Tips

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spring cleaning tips

Summer is just around the corner so make sure you are ready to start the new season fresh with our top spring cleaning tips. Even if you haven’t been able to tackle the spring cleaning before now, it’s never too late to sort out your house to stay on top of the house cleaning before our maid service teams service your needs for the summer months.


Make Spring Cleaning a Family Project

Make a date to finalize your cleaning and mark it down on your calendar, refrigerator planner or planning schedule. You can make a fun day of it by assigning all family members a task so that the workload is shared and that completion of the house cleaning can be efficient. Reward your spring cleaning team with a family outing or dinner after the household items are finished.

Top Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Basics – If you have little time this spring cleaning season, get back to the basics. Spring clean windows and mirrors, dust light bulbs and fans, shower curtain, ceiling fans, replace outdated linens and cookware, thoroughly deep clean out the refrigerator, steam clean carpets and rugs and replace smoke detector batteries.

Out with the Old – Throw out old soaps, products, medicines or foods past use-by dates unused clothes or household items collecting dust. Give away reusable items to a local charity, clothing drive or church garage sale. Remember to use your items as saving something for a “special day” means that special day might never come…

Storage – Storage containers, filing cabinets, drawers, hanging racks or hooks and shelves can keep your items safely organized, out of the way and within easy reach. You will misplace items less if you continue to put them back in their designated spot after use. Labeled plastic storage containers are great to store winter scarves, hats or coats during summer months. Many storage units easily slide under the bed or fit neatly in closets.

Store similar items together to keep your house clean and to enable you to find things quicker.

Birds of a Feather – Compile similar items in the same cupboard or area so that they are easy to find and you know how much you have of a certain item. For example, placing all linens in one cupboard will make them easy to find while grouping canned goods together in the kitchen will quickly visually alert you if you need to stock up on a particular good the next time you are at the supermarket.

Cull Ruthlessly – Hoarding too much? You will be amazed at how light your load will feel when you have uncluttered your life. Buy only the basics and necessary items. One quality, long-lasting vegetable peeler works better than three cheap peelers that need to be constantly replaced. A few simple rules: if you don’t wear it or use it, donate, recycle it or throw it out. Minimize!

Plan for the Future

After successful spring cleaning for the season, make a checklist to keep your house in order for the future. Initiating small tasks every day like putting away clean clothes in closets and drawers or putting away dishes, books or boardgames after use will stop large piles of items accumulating and encroaching on your precious weekend time otherwise spent enjoying other activities besides straightening.

Don’t have the time? Get in touch with our friendly Upstairs Downstairs maid service team and we’ll bring the spring cleaning to you.

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